Today, most garage doors feature inbuilt electronic openers designed to allow the opening and closing of the door merely by the touch of a button. It is equally worth noting that besides having been designed in an easy to operate manner, you can now even choose to have the garage door of your choice specifically tuned to your house. Such adjustments during the installation of new garage door designs by garage doors installation service providers have helped rule out the possibility of having accidental or unauthorized entry into the garage area of your home

Modern garage door designs however are great until the moment when they quit working smoothly (develop mechanical problems). When you garage door does develop mechanical issues, do not resign yourself to costly garage door repair bills or exposing yourself to frigid temperatures all in a bid to open your garage door because it won’t open. As strange as it may sound, the fix to the problem night be something very simple that you can easily trouble shoot by yourself without necessarily calling in a professional especially if you carried out routine garage door inspections.

Just so you know, most of the time, the most likely causes of garage door mechanical problems are usually attributed to:
a. Failure of the safety system
b. Power supply interruption
c. Improper adjustment of the user controls

Where to start trouble shooting

It is obvious that when the garage door opener is not working, you will push the button and absolutely nothing will happen. When you find yourself in such a situation it is strongly advised that you do not panic. Instead, focus on the little clues to what might be causing your garage door not to respond. More specifically try the following:-

a. carefully check to make sure that the wall unit or remote activates the garage door opener first before anything else. Sometimes the remote might simply be very weak to support the opening of the door all the way and it’s subsequent close.

b. Quickly examine the wiring of the garage door to find out whether there is any visible damage i.e. an exposed, scorched or broken wire. While doing this also check the batteries.

c. Rule out electrical issues by checking your house breaker paying close attention to the state of the circuit which controls the door opener. Reset any tripped breaker which may have slipped out of line. In fact, even when the breaker seems fine, try switching it off, waiting for a few minutes and then turning it back on after a few minutes.

d. Check to make sure that the sensors are not blocked. As strange as it may sound, many times it is usually a safety sensor that is the culprit. This is because when blocked, the sensors are not able to catch the activation light from the other sensor hence the garage door seizes to operate smoothly.

Note: Fixing a blocked sensor is very easy, simply make sure that there is absolutely nothing obstructing the sensors, and regularly clean the surface of the sensors to get rid of moisture, dirt and other impediments which might have built up overtime.

In addition to the above, the following checks will also help sort out the problem when the Garage door is hard to open and does not open or close they include:

a. always making sure that your garage door is not in vacation or lock mode. This is because in this mode it will never respond to the remote from outside.

b. Checking the battery in your remote by pressing it and closely observing how the garage door responds. For instance, it you notice that the remote is blinking red and the door opening as you move closer, in case the door opens but does not close all the way up then chances are the battery might be weak hence you will need to arrange for a replacement

c. Carefully check all the inspection points locate on the fine wires which connect the garage door opener to the control box fixed on the ceiling

d. Holding the remote in one hand, grab the wires linked to the connection points with the other hand and then try operating the garage door while wiggling the wires. In case any other wires was loose, when you wiggle it the garage door will definitely open.
Finally take time to carefully check the electric eye of the garage door. In case there is any problem with it then take time to properly align it. Next time you are having trouble operating your garage door; simply apply the above discussed checks. You might be surprised what might be causing the problem is actually something very easy to fix.