The logic board inside a garage door opener is the brains of the garage door opener. It contains the radio recurrence (RF) beneficiary for the remotes and other control segments. On the off chance that the remote controls don’t work or the garage door doesn’t open and close legitimately, the rationale board may have failed. Take after the progressions in this repair manual for replace it utilizing a manufacturer-approved replacement part.



Warning: Undertaking repairs to appliances can be hazardous. Utilize the best possible apparatuses and safety hardware noted in the aide and take after all directions. Try not to continue until you are certain that you understand all of the strides and are capable of finishing the repair. A few repairs ought to just be performed by a qualified technician.

Step 1: Disconnect Power

Unplug the garage door opener. Open the lens cover and uproot the light. On the off chance that your model has a back-up battery, separate it.

Step 2: Disconnect the control wires

Release the light’s lens spread from the base brackets and put it aside.

Separate the wires from the control panel—the strategy for releasing the wires varies by model.

remove the lens spread.

remove the wires.

Step 3: Release the control panel

Expel the 4 mounting screws from the control panel. Release the control panel from the engine unit.
Evacuate the screws.
Release the control panel.

Step 4: Disconnect the rationale board

Tip the control panel forward. Take a digital picture of how the wires associate or note the location of wires, so you know how to attach the new board. Detach the wires from the rationale board.

Expel the mounting screws from the rationale board. Release the locking tabs and haul the rationale board out.
Separate the wires.

Step 5: Install the new rationale board

Position the new rationale board on the control panel and snap it into the locking tabs. Line up the mounting screw gaps, embed the mounting screws and fix the screws solidly.

Step 6: Re-install the control panel

Interface the wires on the new rationale board. Position the control panel on the engine unit, embed the mounting screws, and fix solidly.

Step 7: Re-install the light lens spread

Engage the snares of the lens spread in the brackets at the base of the engine unit. Push the highest point of the lens cover so the locking tabs on the engine unit snap into place.

Step 8: Test the rationale board

Plug the engine unit in. Re-install the back-up battery, if your model has one. Test the garage door opener to make beyond any doubt the new rationale board work.
Adjusting the screw is done to accomplish two things; to raise the door with the goal that it doesn’t drag on the base and to plumb the door. After the entrance is raised as well as sliding uninhibitedly, closed the door and adjust one roller again till the door is square while using door frame. If you could not do it by yourself then you can talk help of garage door  repair expert’s team.

Re-install the outside door for the off chance you have moved it and also the task is complete. You have successfully finished your job of sliding goblet door repair as well as installed new outdoor patio door rollers.