How do You Program the Clicker Remote to a Garage Door Opener:

⦁ In programming clicker garage door remote opener, do the set up first. Press the button on the program until you see the LED lights. Then go ahead and remove the clicker remote front cover.
⦁ Press the button on the program 5 times making sure that the LED flashes stop at each time you press the button. Release the set button on the program and ensure that only the LED that is round in shape lit blue.
⦁ Go to the garage door opener and hold and press on the program button till the short LED and the Long LED light in Blue. Do the pressing and releasing on the program set button and make sure the long LED will flash Purple.
⦁ Press and release on the programmed button on the garage door opener installation-replacement service. Both of the LED’s should flash purple. Go to the clicker remote control and do the pressing and releasing but now on the same button that you had set up for the control of the garage door opener. The LED on the garage door opener is supposed to light up Purple.
⦁ Press and release the button on the clicker remote control once more. Both of the LEDs now on the garage door opener are supposed to light up Blue. Do the pressing and releasing on the clicker remote control.
⦁ This will ensure that the garage door opener is activated and the programming is complete. In situations that the Door does not get activated, always go to step one.

Below explains how to reprogram the clicker using the learn button

⦁ The first thing you do is to locate the learn button. On the garage door opener, the learn button is located on the side that the antenna hangs. To do this, you will be required to remove light lens.
⦁ The button could be orange, red, yellow or purple containing a small LED next to it. For the commercial door opener or the gate operator, the learn button is normally on the logic board and the small LED next to it.
⦁ On the learn button, press and release it. In cases where you have the MYQ control panel, ensure that you press the button twice. Press and release the button within 30 seconds and on the remote control button for three seconds.
⦁ This will either turn off the LED indicator light or the lights of the operator will blink suggesting that the programming is complete. Do the pressing on the remote control once more just to test out. The opener or the operator should activate. In cases where it does not start, do a repeat of step 2 and 3 for the sake of garage door repair.
⦁ The following explains how to program external wired-in receiver for garage door opener repair. To start with, remove the receiver covers which may wrap the receiver around or remove the face plate by use of a flat head screw driver.
⦁ Locate where the learn button is, which is usually radio button small in size next to LED. Do press and release the button for 30 seconds. This completes the programming.