Houston Garage Door Experts are committed to providing excellent and reliable services to the whole of Houston and other surrounding areas. We offer a range of services in garage door installation and repairs. In this post, I will shed light on the way the garage door openers work.
Garage door opener is a device that is used to open and close garage doors. It is installed during garage door installation. Modern garage door openers are radio devices that operate at a frequency of 315 MHz. The garage door opener is operated by a remote control, a radio transmitter that transmits a signal to the opener either to close or open it. The door opener has an inbuilt radio receiver which receives these signals. After receiving such signals, the opener triggers a relay drive mechanism which starts the motor to close or open the door depending on the command.
Early garage door openers could be opened by the same remote control since they used very simple radio transmitters and receivers. This allowed a lot of burglaries. Modern openers’ remote control transmitters send a signal which has a binary number encoded. The receiver on the opener only opens or locks when it receives such a binary code. Each code is used once and a new one is generated. This basically prevents burglars from gaining a code from the remote through a radio and using it to open the door later. Both the receiver and transmitter contain specific chips that work with the same system in order to produce same binary codes.
Various openers run on a different drive mechanism with the main ones having the belt drive mechanism and the chain and screw drive mechanism. The belt drive mechanism is the quietest and requires the least maintenance. The chain and screw drives on the other are the most durable but require regular maintenance. Garage openers also run on different power ratings and motor types. Depending on the door type there are three power ratings with heavy doors using 3/4 horsepower and light doors using 1/3 horsepower. Most residential garage doors operate on 1/2 horsepower rating. There are two motors in garage door openers, AC and DC motors. AC motors are the commonest. DC motors, however, offer much smoother start-stop options for the openers in addition to having better battery pick up especially when there is a power failure.
Garage door inspection and maintenance should include garage door opener repair, garage door spring repair and the whole garage door repair. These openers can jam and fail to open or close the door. Garage door opener repair is, therefore, vital. It involves simple processes as changing the remote batteries and troubleshooting the transmitter and receiver too much complex processes of reprogramming or replacing the opener either by oneself or by help from a professional.
It is, therefore, your responsibility to regularly inspect your garage door and make sure everything operates according to your specifications. In case of any problems with your door, make an effort to contact us if you need any assistance and we will be at your service.