Just like people, garage door springs are vulnerable to breaking down now and then. The time it will take for the springs to wear out will depend on the cycles. Cycles refer to the number of types a garage door operates in terms of opening and closing. If you and your family frequently open and close the door, the springs will undergo thousands of cycles that will inevitably lead to them wearing out.

When springs have proper installation, they have the potential to last for an average of ten thousand cycles. The cycle life of the springs needs to correspond with how often the garage door is likely to be used. It is dependent on what kind of condition the door is in as well.

Invest in Long Life Springs

If you need to have garage door springs that will last for a substantial amount of time, extra-long life springs are a worthwhile consideration. The design of these types of springs enables them to last longer by providing an additional number of wires that cause a significant increase in the cycle life. They cost slightly more than conventional garage door springs but will last for as long as 100,000 cycles.

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Carry out Proper Maintenance

Rust will negatively affect the lifespan of your garage door springs. When there is rust on the springs, it causes excessive friction that result in the coil becoming weaker. Lubricating the coil regularly as recommended by our professionals at Houston Garage Door Experts will stop the rust from building up.

Your garage door springs are bound to break if not properly maintained. Regular maintenance has the positive effect of increasing the lifespan of springs. It also enables us at Houston Garage Door Experts to detect any problems with the springs before they become worse. We are available to inspect your garage doors and fix any problems that arise.

It is advisable to purchase garage door springs that are suitable for the weight of your door. This prevents subjecting the springs to excessive force and pressure that will cause them to break down faster. When garage springs break, they need to be replaced immediately.