Garage door openers are the components of the garage doors which enable it to be opened and closed if and when the need so requires. They do have indicator lights that basically alert the users on the status of the door at all time. These light bulbs are not built to last unlike their garage door opener counterparts.

They are therefore prone to malfunctions and failures from time to time. The proceeding discourse endeavors to answer the following fundamental question, “The lights on my garage door opener do not work when opened or closed, how do I fix it?”

To start with, there are four main reasons as to why the lights on the garage door openers may fail to function whenever the doors are opened or closed. These are: faulty light bulbs, faulty contacts in the light sockets, faulty light sockets, and faulty logic boards. The approaches to be adopted in either case are described below:

Faulty Light Bulbs

The light bulbs are generally susceptible to the elements of wear and tear. They thus expire and cease to function after some time. Should this be the case, follow the steps below:

Step I: Acquire a brand new light bulb

Step II: Remove the existing light bulb and replace it with the brand new light bulb

Step III: Test the lights

Faulty Light Socket Contacts

Should the light fail to come on even after the bulbs have been replaced, it could mean that the contacts in the light sockets are faulty. The following steps could help remedy the situation:

Step I: Unplug the opener and disconnect the back-up battery

Step II: Remove the light bulb

Step III: Pry the two contacts within the socket using a small flat-head screwdriver to enhance their contacts with the bulb

Step IV: Return the light bulb and reconnect the back-up battery

Step V: Test the lights

Faulty Light Sockets or Faulty Logic Boards

Should the lights fail to come on even after rectifying the contacts, it would imply either a faulty light socket or a faulty logic board. The below steps could help remedy the situation:

Step I: Unplug the garage door opener

Step II: Plug the opener back into the electrical outlet

Step III: Listen out for the clicking sound of the light relay from the logic board

Step IV: Should the clicking sound be heard, the light socket should be replaced; should the clicking sound be unheard, the logic board should be replaced.

Call for Action

This task of troubleshooting are repairing garage door opener lights is undoubtedly daunting and quite intricate to the average home owner due to the obvious reasons of lack of the necessary technical skills, tools-of-trade, and the associated risks.

It is therefore ideally delegated to a professional garage door opener repair company such as Houston Garage Door Experts. It is located in the Houston, Texas area but nonetheless services the city and the adjacent areas. It is best suited for these garage door repair tasks due to the fact that it has all the skills, tools of trade, and work experience that such an organization is naturally expected to possess.