Many times you stand wondering what is wrong with your garage door. You wonder what to do to fix the problem and how difficult it could possibly be. If you are feeling this way, and with the feeling that it has become a troublesome thing. It is a fact that these doors will develop one problem or the other because they have to bear the effects of the climate and our own use which could be somehow hard at times. In this write-up I will be giving some do it yourself tips through which you will be able to garage door repair on your own.

It is possible that you find out that your garage door fails to open or it seems as if it is finding it difficult to open thereby making noises. What you ought to know is that your garage door tracks is clogged. It needs to be cleared and oiled. This is quite easy to fix. What you need to do is to go through the tracks and for cleaning and as well as oil them for proper functioning.

In the case that your garage door fails to open. You should check if it is a motorized garage, if the remote, buttons are working. If they are in perfect condition, then you should note that the motor is likely the problem. In this condition, since you are employing a DIY attitude, is to check if power is supplied to the motor. If power is supplied, is the motor functioning? You can determine this by listening for a humming sound from the motor. If it is working, then it is advisable to call in a professional to check it.

If on the contrary in your investigation you found out that your remote is faulty. You can try using the keypad. If it works then the first thing you should consider doing in this condition is to change the batteries. If it still fails to work, then check you’re manual to try and figure out what went wrong. You should consider reprogramming the codes. In the aftermath that it still fails to work, then it is probably better to purchase another one.

If you are using the roll over garage door, check your door screws. Old or worn out screws are a great culprit for door malfunctioning. Faulty screws could loose and tilt the door in a way that will impede smooth opening of the door. What you need do is to pick your screwdriver and re tighten loose screws and where applicable, change the faulty ones.

Likewise, you should endeavor to replace your garage door springs after long use. You should be aware that what you are doing cannot be compared with that of a professional. So when going through it, be careful so that you won’t create another problem which might be more than the initial one. It is good to attempt to try and fix it on your own, but when you notice that you can’t solve it on your own, simply stop and call in an garage door  expert.