The moving parts on garage doors are vulnerable to wear and tear. Ignoring or delaying the maintenance of your door shortens its life. In most cases, a newly installed door means you have a warranty in place. If you do not adhere to a maintenance schedule, the warranty becomes invalid.

On the other hand, you should keep revving up your garage door on a regular basis. This helps enhance its safe operation and reliability. You will never regret about spending some money on maintenance tasks. Here are three reasons why you must keep maintaining your garage door:

To avoid incurring huge costs

Granted, you open and close your garage door at least four times daily. This happens in the morning when you are leaving for work and in the evening when you get back. This is a lot of movement. You can imagine the amount of wear and tear involved.

If left neglected, the lubricant on the door’s bearings, rollers and rails dries up, which results in a creaking noise that is not pleasant at all. Eventually, they break loose. Getting the door repaired thereafter will cost you a lot of money.

It keeps you safe

Imagine leaving your garage door halfway open during the day or at night. It is like beckoning burglars to come and break into your home. This also lets in a cold draft during winters and you end up incurring high power bills to keep your home warm.

With a broken down garage door, you might have to resort to parking your car outside. It might be vandalized or stolen altogether. On the other hand, the door might crash and injure someone. Whichever way you look at it, garage door maintenance keeps your home safe.

Maintenance gives the door a longer life

To be sincere, installing a garage door is an expensive undertaking. You won’t want a situation wherein you are forced to get a new door every one or two years. By pursuing a regular maintenance schedule, you give your door an added lifespan. Houston Garage Door Experts technicians will clean it and fit new parts to replace the broken ones.

When the moving parts are oiled, there is little probability a roller would break. Even if you get home early when everyone is asleep, there are no squeaking sounds to disturb the neighbors. Keep your garage door in a good shape and you will never have to worry about safety or experience sleepless nights.